Price List - LOGS

The following prices include delivery charges and VAT.

£90 - 1m3          £145 - 2m3          £270 - 4m3

£80 - 1m3          £135 - 2m3          £245 - 4m3

mixed green
£85 - 1m3          £140 - 2m3          £255 - 4m3

mixed seasoned
£100 - 1m3          £170 - 2m3          £320 - 4m3

Log Stores

- Prices starting from £380 -

Here at Timberdown Forestry we do not just supply firewood and logs, but we also design, supply and build bespoke log stores. We cannot stress enough how important it is to store your winter log supplies correctly. Not only is it cost effective, but the difference it will make to how efficiently the firewood will burn is considerable. The log stores that we make, are made from pressure treated timber throughout and are bolted and braced for strength and stability.

Logs stores help the process of seasoning your firewood by allowing the logs to stay reasonably dry but also allowing air flow through and around the logs to facilitate the process of drying the water and sap out of the logs. 

you can have a Log store designed to take either a 2m3 load, a 4m3 load or an 8m3 load.
if you require any further information about our bespoke firewood stores, then please contact us and we will work hard to facilitate your needs.

Other Wooden Structures

each structure is designed and built to order, From chicken houses to alpaca enclsoures, we can design and build a wooden building to fit any space. We also provide gates and fencing for farms and fields.

for Any queries please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any ideas with you and provide you with a quote.