About Us

Timberdown Forestry was established in 1984 and has built an unrivalled reputation within the industry for quality firewood.Firewood Harvester, Timberdown Forestry Cornwall

We are a Cornish company with old fashioned values of honesty and reliability. We supply , firewood and kindling direct to our customers for their wood burners, multi-fuel stoves and open fires and we also supply our quality firewood to local merchants throughout Cornwall.

We have had a long standing and successful relationship with the Forestry Commission and over the years we have built a fantastic working relationship have worked closely on many projects. The trees we have been cutting are predominantly Beech hardwood and are from a sustainable source strictly managed by the Forestry Commission with a large scale replanting scheme.

Over the last few years our interest has widened into making products from the better quality trees that we fell, for instance kitchen chopping boards, House signs, Turned items, etc.

We also make a range of bespoke timber buildings, such as poultry arks and dog kennels all from our own felled timber. This has enabled us to be awarded inclusion in the Approved Origin Scheme – Made in Cornwall.

If you require further info on our products, to arrange a delivery or pick up, then please call us on 01726 70731.